Marble Polishing:

Marble & Stone Polishing Machines and Supplies for cleaning and polishing stone surfaces : Marble floors. Polishing powders, Polish Paste, and Liquids for complete cleaning and restoration of natural stone floor surface.

Marble & Stone Polishing is easy with Klindex Indias’s range of polishing products.


HYGENIUS Polishing Process.

Helps protect against the corrosive or deleterious action of a wide variety of oils, chemicals and salts.
This enhanced surface is easily polished with the mechanical action of steel wool pads.
Never needs to be stripped off floors as there is no buildup.
The Polishing Process brings out the intrinsic beauty of marble and keeps it looking better for longer.
How Do The Systems Work?

The Three Step ‘HYGENIUS Polishing Process’:

STEP ONE: Initially, a grinding process takes place. The amount of grinding is determined by a number of factors, such as the age and colour of the marble, depth of scratches, traffic wear, levelness of surface etc.

STEP TWO: Next, the freshly ground surface is chemically hardened, transforming the calcium carbonate into a fluoride derivative. This phase of the process significantly increases durability and protects from staining. The end result is a marked reduction of maintenance costs.

STEP THREE: Finally, a brilliant glass-like finish is returned to the marble, which in most cases is actually deeper that the original quarry applied finish. The ‘HYGENIUS’ lasts many months longer than any polymer of synthetic coating, and will never require stripping.

‘HYGENIUS’ offers a practical alternative to marble replacement at only a fraction of the cost.

HYGENIUS also supply maintenance chemicals which can be applied by janitorial staff or cleaning services at regular intervals, depending on floor traffic. These chemicals renew the ‘HYGENIUS’ shine and durability.

 With the Supershine & Spongelux discs, floors become shiny and smooth as if they were just polished. Unlike traditional maintenance systems, floors don’t lose their shine and become opaque with regular use.

Efficient, Fast, Bright!

Supershine and Spongelux are incredibly easy to use! They are available in sizes ranging from 4” to 20” in diameter, providing a perfect fit for many floor care machines. They can be applied on many types of single-disk machines and autoscrubbers available on the market today. When using the Supershine and SpongeLux on a regular maintenance routine, one can maintain an incredible glossy appearance. With the combination of Supershine 1, Supershine 2 and SupersShine 3, surface scratches are easily removed. Once scratches are removed, the Spongelux will clean and polish marble, concrete, terrazzo etc. giving it a mirror-like effect quickly! When used regularly, floors will remain clean and shiny without difficulty.

 Supershine & Spongelux discs are available in many sizes and for many machines.

Stone Soap – Stone Soap is a daily cleaner and sealer designed for use on polished marble and terrazzo. It leaves floors waterproof with a glossy finish.