Polishing and Cleaning of Granite Floors 
Granite floors are quite durable as compared to marble floors and retain their shine for a long time. This is because granite is harder than marble. This is also why polishing a granite floor is so difficult. The harder stone needs special polishing pads and equipment which most marble polishing companies lack.

Dirt can be removed by our floor scrubbing service. Removing scratches need special skills. Polishing of granite floors with waxes is not a good solution. A full restoration to factory finish can be provided by grinding and polishing of the granite floor.

 We at Arrow Solutions have a needed expertise as well as equipments to polish any type of granite effectively. Normally granite floor polishing is really slow, but our advanced equipment and machinery enables us to polish any type of granite floor swiftly. Further, with the help of higher weight of polishing devices and imported polishing pads, we make granite shine to factory finish quality. We have provided such service to many clients.