Our objectives

HYGENIUS was the first trading and contracting service exclusively for floor care, commencing its services sometime in 1995. It was the result of the hugely successful 1st generation floor preparation and polishing system that its founders introduced through their tenure at SC Johnson & Sons, during 1987.

HYGENIUSwent on to create and invent process for cleaning and maintenance, including stone care services, using locally available talent, resources and materials. As the acceptance of stone care and its importance increased in the industry.

Team HYGENIUS pursued newer technology for floor care in India. And post the “crystallisation” process, it brought in the “powder polishing” system, after a defining awareness that crystallisation could harm stone floors ! During its peak of success, the founders of HYGENIUS merged with the most reputable cleaning services management company in asia and founded SINAR JERNIH INDIA, in late 2000.

It was the quality demands and its specific goal of offering its guests the most appealing entry visuals in the lobby through well maintained floors and public area apperance that gave birth to this unique management service which was a benchmark in India. The team at Sinar Jernih went up a notch in stone care with unique combinations of machines and materials raising the bar of floor quality and preservance. 14 years of servicing with this 3rd generation process successfully, the founders left the care to their team and moved on to Consultancy & Training services.

HYGENIUS was reborn early this year, and the goal was to find a 4th generation floor care system based on the current need. Because, after all these years, the building industry, including hotels, airports and commercial establishments had begun to adopt floorings that were varying in their nature… while the early days of stones were limited to Makrana, Jaselmer, Green Marble & Granites, today, the industry has used varying types of Italian, Spanish, Turkish & Indian marble floors – and even mixed and merged them for effective visually appealing designs ! These floors definitely called for a process that was varied, and suitable to each category and that was not available till now.

And now, HYGENIUS brings to you combinations and options of process that ensures every different stone type is treated with the “right” method it deserves !

Solutions for Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Wood…. floors will smile again !